About us

Unique Experience –

With both IOC and NOC work experience domestically in the US and in many non-US locations, Guy Dayvault the principal consultant has worked as a regular full time employee at Chevron, Enron, Marathon and Gazprom.  Having represented both the International Oil Company (IOC) view in foreign business as well as the National Oil Company (NOC) perspective in the LNG business both in the US and elsewhere enables Guy to bring a unique confluence of perspectives to his aptitude in structuring deals that manage risks satisfactorily for counterparties with differing views.  Essentially, his career progression has been from engineer to business development, starting with seven years of production and reservoir engineering, followed by three years of commercial sales and marketing, which led into eight years of financial modeling and commercial analysis, and most recently eleven years of commercial structuring and negotiations.

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Pertinent education

Commercial experience the past twenty years preceded by a technical education of Mechanical & Petroleum Engineering degrees followed later by the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) certification.

The CFA certification is essentially the quantitative side of a top quality MBA requiring three sequential annual levels of international examination offered only once each year.  Guy passed each level of the CFA certification testing process at first attempt.

Having worked at several excellent multinational owner-operator international energy companies he has had opportunity for many continuing education short courses in areas ranging from sales to negotiations to commercial skills and leadership.

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